Wide life Management

Wide life Management

Wildlife refers to all non-domesticated vertebrates. In recent years this definition has been extended to cover other living resources that are still in the wild state. Man has not taken pains to change them to domesticated forms. It includes all wild flora and faunal species.

WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT on the other hand is the scientifically based art of manipulating habitats to produce some level of a desired species or manipulating animal or plant populations to achieve a desired goal for the benefits of mankind. BPC Nigeria is blessed with three globally recognised Wildlife and Fisheries conservation experts (Professor Richard King, Dr. Edem Eniang and Dr. Clement O. Ebin) who have all made their marks in Biodiversity Conservation and wildlife resources management. They have managed viable populations for conservation over the last three decades.

BPC Nigeria beliefs that WILDLIFE HABITAT MANAGEMENT which involves the manipulation and maintenance of vegetation to yield desired results in terms of habitats suitable for designated wildlife species or groups of species has to be maintained with host community participation and as much as possible promoted for eco-tourism towards enhancing their livelihoods and wellbeing.

Some of the IMPORTANT WILDLIFE SPECIES WITH EMPHASIS ON NIGERIAN SPECIES under a critical examination of this topic will raise numerous questions in the mind/s of an experienced wildlife scientist/s because in the field of wildlife management, every single species is as important as the other especially in the ecological ladder of any habitat.

Based on the fore-going, SOME WILDLIFE SPECIES COMMONLY FOUND IN NIGERIA which is a vast country being the very largest along the west coast of Africa has the richest diversity of vertebrate fauna especially the endangered species. It occupies a position where the western parts of the African continent meet the equatorial Africa lying between latitudes 4o 201 and 14o 301 of the Greenwich Meridian. BPC has today become the most prominent indigenous NGO leading the conservation of our myriads of species and habitats. BPC has identified numerous sites of special scientific interests (SSI) and is willing to partner with genuine persons or groups. Based on the fore-going, BPC has pioneered in-situ primates’ conservation research working on key endangered primates namely; Cross River Gorillas occurring in Mbe Mountains, Boshi and Boshi Extension forests, Obudu plateau; Nigerian Cameroon Chimpanzees in Mbe mountains and Oban Hills; Drills, Preuss’s red colobus monkeys of Ikpan forest from 1999 -2003, Trade in Primates bushmeat in Oban Division of Cross River National Park from 1999 -2001.

BPC studied nest building behavior of Nigerian–Cameroon chimpanzees in Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria in 2010. Status of colobus Guereza in Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria since 2010;. Assessment of human-wildlife conflicts in Filinga Range of Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria: The case study of Tantalus monkeys since 2010. Red capped Mangabey monkeys of Esuk Mbat community forest, Akpabuyo LGA of Cross River State, Itu wetlands and Ikpa river basin, Sclater’s monkeys of Itam, Itu and Stubb’s creek forest reserve of Akwa Ibom State from 2010 – till date and Prosimians in all the aforementioned sites. Presently, BPC is spearheading African Manatee and endangered tortoises conservation and management in Nigeria.

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