What We Do

At Biodiversity Preservation Center (BPC), we are committed and fully dedicated to the following programmes.

Biodiversity Conservation

BPC Nigeria, a national non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization, is dedicated to the protection, regeneration, restoration and preservation of biodiversity in Nigeria and the surrounding regions through field ecological research, conservation education, . . . Read More

Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration at BPC Nigeria emerged as a separate project in our Field biological research endeavour. It is the scientific study supporting the practice of Restoration ecology, which is the practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment . . . Read More

Wide life Management

BPC Nigeria beliefs that WILDLIFE HABITAT MANAGEMENT which involves the manipulation and maintenance of vegetation to yield desired results in terms of habitats suitable for designated wildlife species or groups of species has to be maintained with host community participation  . . . Read More

Climate Change Adaptation

There is the overriding poverty of the general population which has caused the highest percentage of people to depend excessively on biodiversity for survival. West Africa is the host to some of the world poorest countries, where people are engaged in the mostly  . . . Read More

Field Ecological Survey

Field Ecological surveys identify the habitats and/or species that exist within an area at the time of the survey. Most of our development proposals will have the potential to impact on the local biodiversity of the development site either through the direct loss of habitats . . . Read More

Conservation Education

At BPC Nigeria, we let our audience to know that Conservation is not an abstract or theoretical concept … it’s about our natural environment and the plants, animals and birds that live in our very own backyards, school playgrounds, local parks and reserves as well as the public . . . Read More

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Our Vision Statement

To promote a safe and Healthy world through Sustainable In- situ and Ex- situ Biodiversity Conservation.

Our Mission Statement

Building a sustainable future for nature conservation in Nigeria