Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

It is our belief in BPC Nigeria belief that climate change is real and has the potentials to impede human well-being if cogent actions are not taken by all to mitigate its negative impacts. BPC have followed the trends of environmental events in our country’s history appreciates what implications such climate variations hold for people living in the remote, underdeveloped rural areas? What infrastructure would withstand these changes in climate? How is food production going to be affected? How our forests and its inherent wildlife would be affected.

Further, BPC Nigeria appreciates the fact that Rapid urbanisation in West Africa is one of the highest in the world, which is also linked to the fact that most of the capital cities are located in coastal areas (within 60 km from the coast), and consequently in the lowest portion (deltas) of the major rivers (eg Cross, Niger, Volta, Senegal, etc.). This human as well as industrial concentration is directly related to the increased deforestation and harm caused by urban floods in recent times. Most of the cities are also built without consideration of proper drainage design, with uncontrolled walled properties, sometimes built in drainage areas and waterways, accompanied with indiscriminate solid waste disposal into drains.

Notwithstanding these urban problems, there is the overriding poverty of the general population which has caused the highest percentage of people to depend excessively on biodiversity for survival. West Africa is the host to some of the world poorest countries, where people are engaged in the mostly extractive agriculture, with little consideration for the environmental sustainability.

The situation has made BPC to embark on eco-friendly projects and initiatives aimed at fostering adaptation in our country. BPC has established two Community Conserved Areas (CCAs) to be managed in partnership with host communities in perpetuity to ensure adaptation to climate change and achieve sustainable biodiversity conservation.

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