A brief observation of the behavior of the African giant pouched rat which is scientifically known as “Cricetomys gambianus” which were put under rehabilitation at the BPC (Biodiversity Preservation center) rehabilitation facility.

In research of this species (Cricetomys gambianus)  made by the BPC, uyo(Biodiversity Preservation center),has a lot of economic benefits, for example in countries like Gambia, Tanzania, Cambodia, etc. these pouched rats are trained and used to detect land mines because it has a very poor eyesight, so it depends on its senses of smell and hearing, therefore serving as an advantage as it can detect a land mine in the soil when sniffing, which can save lives, though these kinds of functions are mostly performed by dogs but the advantage of making use of the pouched rat to perform this function is that the pouched rats are cheap, and smaller in size than the dogs.

Another advantage of these African giant pouched rat is that it can be trained to detect tuberculosis by developing a high sense of smell.

Currently, studies are being conducted in various countries about the best ways to train these rats and determine their abilities and limits except for detecting land mines.